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(260) 625-3157


Arcola, Indiana




He lied, without hesitation. Would you excuse us for a moment? Switzerland hardened its immigration policy. I hope you find our quarters comfortable, Elias.

Marguerite is wearing a silver ring. I swear I didn't see Philippe. The wind blew in from sea. I always lock my room. Do I have to attend the party tonight?

Man's but a bubble. Tell me which you want. Charles was afraid to go to sleep. Manolis doesn't like to talk about it. Hillary tried to hide his smile. We can still talk to Barbara.

This is our room. Conrad is starting to make me nervous. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help.

Don't insult my intelligence. I couldn't leave you alone. Are you really letting Kelvin into your home? I want to bring them here. Communications have been cut off for two hours because of a thunderstorm.

Is Briggs getting better? I'll get all the credit. Do you want to tell me who they are?

Progress is unavoidable. I doubt if he is honest. I knew Rajarshi a lot better than you did. John's house is opposite the church. Do you know the difference between right and wrong? Patty and John were both kicked off the team. I'll be busy all afternoon. I worked really hard on this. It's a copybook.

Do you think it means something?

At last, the truth was revealed to us.

I want to be a role model. The shortage of manpower poses a big problem for us. There is no reason for such mayhem. It isn't necessary.

Raphael told Walter that he was thirsty. If Holly goes, I won't. The most precious element in life is wonder. It's not polite to speak with your mouth full. I guess I was expecting a little more. They're coming here.